Common procedures

After installation, some agents are configured and started automatically, while some agents require manual configuration but start automatically. Some agents must be configured and started manually. Multiple instance agents require creating a first instance and starting manually.

Before you begin

When you install an agent, a sample silent configuration file is placed in the install_dir/samples directory, for example, /opt/ibm/apm/agent/samples/iib_silent_config.txt.
Remember: Some agents, for example, the WebSphere Applications agent, have multiple silent configuration files for different tasks such as configuring the data collector.

About this task

To configure an agent, you can use the command line or a silent response file as described in this procedure.

Configuration methods vary across agents. Some configuration method might not be supported for your agent on a specific operating system. Use the procedure that is provided for your agent.

For more information about agent commands, see Using agent commands.