Bypassing the prerequisite scanner

When you install monitoring agents, a prerequisite scan of your environment starts and takes a few moments to complete. If any requirements are missing, a message directs you to a log file with the reason for the failure. In some installation scenarios, you might want to either ignore warning messages or completely bypass the prerequisite check.

About this task

There are two levels of failure messages, WARN and FAIL, and there are two levels of bypassing:

If your agent installation failed and you received a warning (WARN) from the prerequisite checker, review the warning. If you want to continue with the installation, set IGNORE_PRECHECK_WARNING and install again.

In an environment where you have virtual machine images that serve as templates, the prerequisite scan that is undertaken before installation begins can be done on only the first template image. If a VM image passes the scan, the other VMs created from that image will also pass. You can save time by bypassing the prerequisite check for other VMs that were created from the same image. Set SKIP_PRECHECK variable and install again.

The SKIP_PRECHECK setting is also appropriate for the scenario where you have a new operating system that IBM Support or the Software Product Compatibility Reports indicate that it is supported but the prerequisite checker has not yet been updated. Be sure to first try to install the agent, check the log, and make sure that this new OS is the only item failing – and the only item that you are bypassing – because SKIP_PRECHECK causes the installer to bypass every item in the prerequisite checklist.

After downloading and extracting the installation files, complete this procedure to ignore the warning messages or to bypass the prerequisite scan.


On the system where you plan to install monitoring agents, enter one of the following commands:

What to do next

To restore the default setting the next time you want to install the agent with the prerequisite scanner, turn off the IGNORE_PRECHECK_WARNING or SKIP_PRECHECK variable: