Configuring the agent on Windows® systems

You can configure the Amazon EC2 agent on Windows® operating systems by using the Monitoring window. After you update the configuration values, you must start the agent to save the updated values.


  1. Click Start > All Programs > IBM Monitoring agents > Monitoring.
  2. In the IBM Performance Management window, right-click the Monitoring Agent for Amazon EC2 template, and then click Configure agent.

    Remember: After you configure an agent instance for the first time, the Configure agent option is not available. To configure the agent instance again, right-click on it and then click Reconfigure.

  3. Enter a unique instance name then click OK. Use only Latin letters, Arabic numerals, and the hyphen-minus character in the instance name. Example, ec2-inst3.

  4. Click Next on the agent instance name window.
  5. Enter the Amazon EC2 Region Configuration instance template settings.

    Note: The settings here are not the Amazon EC2 region instance configurations, but template settings that are used as the default values when you add the actual Amazon EC2 region instance configurations in step 6.

    See Table 1 for an explanation of each of the configuration parameters.

  6. Press New and enter Amazon EC2 region instance settings, then click Next.

    See Table 1 for an explanation of each of the configuration parameters.

  7. Click OK to complete the configuration.

  8. In the Monitoring window, right-click the instance that you configured, and then click Start.