Configuring NGINX monitoring in Unified Agent

When you deploy the Unified Agent, you can select to enable NGINX plug-in to monitor NGINX workloads in Kubernetes environment. You need to do extra configuration to make it work.


To deploy the Unified Agent with NGINX monitoring, do the following steps:

  1. Edit the ua-nginx CR by running the following command:
    kubectl edit UA ua-nginx
  2. Locate the section of [[inputs.nginx]].
  3. Specify the NGINX service address that you want to monitor for urls, for example, http://nginx_service_IP:18080/nginx_status.

    See the following example of the configured CR:

           # An array of Nginx stub_status URI to gather stats.
           urls = ["http://localhost/server_status"]
           # HTTP response timeout (default: 5s)
           response_timeout = "5s"
  4. Make sure that the enabled state is true and save the CR.


NGINX is successfully enabled and configured in Unified Agent.