Upgrading capabilities

Capabilities in IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration can be upgraded in the Platform UI or the OpenShift web console.

Before you begin:* Before you can upgrade an instance of a capability, the operator that manages that capability must already be upgraded. For more information, see Upgrading operators.

This task must be performed by a cluster administrator or an Automation administrator. For more information, see Roles and permissions.

Complete the steps under "Upgrading instances of capabilities" in Managing versions and upgrades by using the Platform UI to upgrade instances of capabilities by using the Platform UI. Additionally, refer to the following documentation links to get specific upgrade information for each capability:

Platform UI

See Upgrading the Platform UI.

IBM Automation foundation assets (Automation assets)

See Upgrading automation assets.

API management (API Connect)

See Upgrading API management.

Application integration (App Connect)

In the IBM App Connect documentation, see Upgrading or migrating from previous releases.

Enterprise gateway (DataPower)

See Upgrading enterprise gateway.

Event Streams (Event Streams)

See Upgrading Event Streams.

High-speed transfer server (Aspera HSTS)

See Upgrading high-speed transfer server.

Messaging (MQ)

See the IBM MQ documentation: Upgrading an IBM MQ queue manager.