Deploying the Platform UI using the OpenShift console

Deploying the IBM Cloud Pak Platform UI allows you to deploy and manage instances from a central location. This task must be performed by a cluster administrator. For more information, see Roles and permissions.

This procedure describe how to deploy and configure the IBM Cloud Pak Platform UI using the OpenShift web console. To deploy using the CLI, see Deploying the Platform UI using the CLI.

Troubleshooting: For a list of possible errors and solutions when performing the steps in this section, see Troubleshooting Platform UI deployment.


  • You are on a supported version of Red Hat Openshift. See Operating environment for details.

  • For online clusters, if you have not already created a secret called ibm-entitlement-key in the namespace where the instance will be created, see Applying your entitlement key.

  • An OpenShift cluster administrator has created one or more storage classes that support ReadWriteMany (RWX) and allows read and write access to non-root users. Supported storage providers include ibmc-file-gold-gid, OpenShift Data Foundation (formerly OpenShift Container Storage), Spectrum, and Portworx. For additional details about storage support and configuration, see Storage considerations.
    Tip: For OpenShift Data Foundation in a production environment, the optimal minimum deployment is 4 storage nodes, with 3 Object Storage Daemons (OSDs) on each node. This provides much greater data resiliency in the event of any OSD failures.

To deploy the Platform UI with an RWO storage class, follow the procedures in Deploying the Platform UI with RWO storage.

Deploying with the OpenShift web console

  1. Log into the OpenShift web console with your OpenShift cluster admin credentials.

  2. In the navigation pane, click Home > Overview.

  3. In the Build with guided documentation section, click View all quick starts.

  4. In the Quick Starts panel, click the tile for Getting started with the Cloud Pak for Integration.

  5. In the panel that opens, follow the procedures to deploy the Platform UI. Note that if you have followed all the procedures up to this point, you can skip the Prerequisites section.

What's next?

After you complete other deployment tasks in the Platform UI, you can perform additional post-installation configuration such as:

After configuring the platform, deploy IBM Cloud Pak for Integration capabilities. See Deploying instances of capabilities.