Transferring files with the Desktop Client

A simple way to transfer files with the High Speed Transfer Server (HSTS) is by using the IBM Aspera Desktop Client.

For a list of supported versions, the procedures for installation, firewall configuration, and starting the client, see IBM Aspera Desktop Client documentation.

  1. Start the Aspera Desktop Client.
  2. In the UI, on the upper right, click Connections.
  3. To create a new connection, click the + icon that is located in the upper left in the Connection Manager window.
  4. In the Connectionpanel, enter the following information, leaving the other options with their default values or blank:
    • In the Host field, enter the HSTS URL and port number, in the form hsts_url:443. For example:
    • In the User field, enter the access key.
    • For Authentication, enter the secret.
  5. Click Test Connection.

    If the connection is made, a dialog indicates that it was successful. Close the dialog and click OK.

  6. In the panel on the right, select your connection name, then click Connect.
  7. In the left panel, browse to select a file or directory from your local system to upload to the server.
  8. Click the right arrow icon between the panels to upload the file.

    The upload status is displayed in the panel at the bottom of the screen.