Performance guidelines

Concurrent transfers

Concurrent transfer capacity has been tested with the following configuration:
  • worker nodes: 3 total (each worker node gets 1 ascp pod)
  • cores per node: 4
  • memory per node: 16 GB
Automated testing involved transmitting a 1 GB file repeatedly, with no delay between each transfer. The concurrency limits were as follows:
  • Quick start example configuration: 40 transfers maximum
  • Production example configuration: 90 transfers maximum
After these limits were reached, transfer performance was degraded. (The Quick start and Production example configurations are provided as starting points when you create an HSTS instance. See Deploying HSTS using the IBM Cloud Pak Platform UI and Deploying HSTS using the OpenShift web console.)
Note: Adding more worker nodes with the same core and memory capacity provides support for more ascp (transfer) pods, and thus greater concurrent transfer capacity.

File storage and IOPS

Aspera recommends that you use storage with an IOPS rating of at least 2500. In IBM Cloud, Gold class storage will provide best performance. For example, in Aspera testing, a 250 GB Gold class disk performed at 2500 IOPS.