Managing Kafka event streams

IBM Event Streams is an event-streaming platform based on the open-source Apache Kafka project.


Read about Event Streams features and learn about key Kafka concepts to find out more about event streaming.

Getting started

Get started with event streaming by logging in to the Event Streams UI and creating your first Kafka topic or finding connection details for your existing clients. You can also create a starter application to try out Kafka, run a workload generator to validate message throughput, or download JAR files to help you create Kafka client applications.

Managing secure access

Consider securing your Event Streams setup by managing the access each user and application has to each resource.

Defining data structure

Use schemas to define the structure of data in messages, so that both your producing and consuming applications can work with information that conforms to a predefined structure.

Synchronizing data

To help ensure your services are always available, synchronize data between your clusters by using the geo-replication feature. Geo-replication can be an important part of disaster recovery planning and mission-critical data backups.

Connecting systems

Connect your existing systems to your Event Streams Kafka cluster either by using either the Event Streams REST producer API, or Kafka Connect with connectors.

Monitoring and troubleshooting

Monitor the health of your deployment and Kafka cluster, and review troubleshooting topics for details about gathering logs and resolving known issues.