Migrating from API Connect V10

Migrate from a stand-alone API Connect V10 to Cloud Pak for Integration.

Migrating to the same product version on a different platform or configuration is considered a "form factor" migration. When you migration from a stand-alone API Connect V10 deployment to Cloud Pak for Integration, your APIs and provider organization assets do not need updating. Instead, the focus is on moving your data to the new platform and updating your configuration settings. In the process, you might choose to remove data that is no longer needed.

If you are migrating from a V10 deployment hosted on OpenShift Container Platform, you can choose whether to use the existing host names by converting the deployment to a Cloud Pak for Integration configuration, or to deploy to a new Cloud Pak for Integration cluster using different host names. Migrating from any other platform requires a new cluster for Cloud Pak for Integration, with new host names. If you convert the existing cluster, you do not need to migrate your data after the conversion is complete.

The migration model is centered around running a series of scripts to extract data from the source deployment and then add it to the Cloud Pak for Integration deployment. Both deployments must have Python 3 and PyYAML python module installed.