Prerequisites for deploying an IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit integration on Red Hat OpenShift

Before you attempt to walk through the scenarios for deploying a simple IBM® App Connect Enterprise Toolkit message flow to an integration runtime, first ensure that you have access to the main environments and tools that you'll need.

Access to a Red Hat OpenShift environment

The deployment scenarios require access to a Red Hat® OpenShift® environment. Red Hat OpenShift is one of the most widely used and mature Kubernetes platforms, and provides a consistent experience whether within a stand-alone installation on your own infrastructure, or a managed service.

To complete the scenarios, you can use a self-installed Red Hat OpenShift cluster, or a managed environment such as Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud, Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA), or Azure Red Hat OpenShift.

A Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.10 environment was used for these instructions. For information about installing your own cluster, see the Red Hat OpenShift documentation.

Note: You must have cluster administrator authority or the required role-based access control (RBAC) permissions to complete all the tasks in these deployment scenarios.

Access to the OpenShift Container Platform command-line interface (CLI)

To complete the deployment scenarios, the OpenShift Container Platform CLI (oc) must be installed on your local workstation. This CLI provides a way for you to manage the cluster, containers, and other resources.

If you do not already have this CLI installed, see Getting started with the CLI in the Red Hat OpenShift documentation.

The oc command is the Red Hat OpenShift equivalent of the Kubernetes kubectl command, but is extended to support OpenShift Container Platform capabilities.

Access to an IBM Cloud Pak for Integration environment

It is assumed that the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Operator and an instance of the Platform UI are already installed in your Red Hat OpenShift cluster. For more information about installing this Operator and deploying a Platform UI instance, see Installing.

An installation of the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Operator 7.0.0 was used with these instructions.