ODBC configuration

An integration server requires configuration if it needs to establish an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connection to a database.

In an IBM® App Connect Enterprise on-premises system, an integration server uses an odbc.ini file that is located on the file system, in a location determined by the ODBCINI environment variable.

In a containerized environment, an odbc.ini file is also required for an integration server that needs an ODBC connection, and this is configured by using the odbc.ini configuration type. The odbc.ini file must be constructed with the correct path to ODBC drivers. IBM App Connect Enterprise 11 is installed into /opt/ibm/ace-11 in integration servers that are created by the IBM App Connect Operator, so you must update all the driver path properties in your odbc.ini file to point to this location before you create the configuration object.

You can provide only one odbc.ini configuration type per integration server, although multiple integration servers can reuse the same configuration.

  • If you are creating the configuration object by using the Red Hat® OpenShift® web console or CLI, you will need to run a Base64 encoder against your odbc.ini file and use the output as the value of the spec.data parameter in the configuration custom resource. For more information, see Creating a configuration object.
  • If you are using the App Connect Dashboard, you can create the configuration object from the Configuration page or while creating the integration server, as described in Configuration types for integration servers.

For more information about this configuration type, see odbc.ini type.