Uninstalling the IBM Aspera HSTS operator using the OpenShift CLI

You can use the OpenShift CLI to uninstall the IBM HSTS operator.

Before you begin

Log in to your OpenShift cluster by using the oc login command.


  • To uninstall the IBM HSTS operator by using the CLI, follow these steps:
  1. Ensure you are in the correct project:
    oc project <project_name>
  2. View the HSTS instances that are installed in the project:
    oc get IbmAsperaHsts
  3. Delete the instance of HSTS:
    oc delete IbmAsperaHsts <project_name>
  4. Get the ClusterServiceVersion instance. From the output, save the NAME, as you need this value for the next step:
    oc get csv
  5. Delete the HSTS operator. Make sure you add the name of the ClusterServiceVersion you got in the output of the previous command:
    oc delete csv ibm-aspera-hsts-operator.v1.5.0
  6. Get the subscription:
    oc get subscription
  7. Delete the subscription:
    oc delete subscription aspera-hsts-operator