Viewing licensing information on Administration panel

You can view the license usage information for your cluster on the Administration panel of your IBM Cloud Pak console.

This feature is available from IBM Cloud Pak® foundational services version 3.5.x.

Licensing on Administration panel

The IBM Cloud Pak® foundational services console includes an Administration panel that provides Cluster Administrators an at a glance overview of a cluster.

One of the summary cards on Administration panel is Licensing.

You can monitor your licensing statistics on the Licensing summary card within the System overview section of the Administration panel dashboard when you log in as a Cluster Administrator or Cloud Pak Administrator . After you log in, access the main navigation menu and click Home to access this dashboard.

This summary card displays the following information:

Information Description
IBM pods missing license reporting The number of pods that have product annotations, however, because the product annotations are incomplete or improper, License Service cannot measure their license usage. Click View details to see the names of the pods.
The pods with invalid annotations are listed in the audit snapshot. For audit purposes, all pods should be reported or accounted for.
The pod name might identify the associated software. Analyze the pods, and decide whether you need to fix the annotations. If the software requires License Service reporting, contact the support of the product. If the software does not require License Service reporting, for example, it is free of charge, you can decide not to fix the annotations.
Total products reported The number of products that License Service detects on the cluster and calculates license usage for. Click View details to see the names of the products and their license usage. The license usage that is listed is the most current license usage collected from the cluster.

If you deploy License Service Reporter, the summary card additionally shows a View license usage link. The link leads to the License Service Reporter user interface that presents the highest license usage of your products within the reporting period for a multicluster environment.