IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration offers a powerful, integrated platform for deploying containerized integration capabilities as part of a Red Hat OpenShift deployment environment. With Cloud Pak for Integration, your organization can easily connect applications, systems, and services as part of a managed, scalable, and secure environment.

Cloud Pak for Integration offers:

  • IBM Cloud Pak Platform UI - Deploy and manage instances of Cloud Pak for Integration capabilities while easily navigating between them.
  • Automation assets - Store, manage, and retrieve integration assets.
  • Integration tracing - Trace your transactions across Cloud Pak for Integration.
  • Integration assemblies - Deploy multiple instances of other capabilities and components from the same YAML file with a simplified process.
  • API management - Manage your APIs with API Connect.
  • Integration design - Create integration flows with App Connect Designer.
  • Integration dashboard - Deploy integration servers with App Connect Dashboard.
  • Messaging - Get robust, reliable messaging services with MQ Advanced.
  • Event Endpoint Management - Describe your application that produces events to Kafka topics as an event source, and socialize the event source details with application developers.
  • Event Streams - Stream your Kafka events with the award-winning Event Streams capability integrated into Cloud Pak for Integration.
  • Gateway - Access security, control, and a full range of additional services with DataPower® Gateway.
  • High speed transfer server - Transfer files of any size quickly, reliably, and securely with Aspera® HSTS.
  • IBM Cloud Pak foundational services - Access services for authentication, logging, and monitoring, as well as features for managing users and user profile settings.

The home page for the IBM Cloud Pak Platform UI

Supported Cloud Environments

In addition to on-premises installations, Cloud Pak for Integration also runs in these cloud environments.
  • IBM® Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform
On these cloud platforms, Cloud Pak for Integration can run:
  • as software installations in the IaaS layer.
  • on managed OpenShift services such as Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud, Azure Red Hat OpenShift, and Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS. For more information, see Preparing an OpenShift cluster on managed cloud.
Note: These platforms must meet the necessary minimum system requirements for Cloud Pak for Integration, such as the correct OpenShift version. See System requirements for more information.

Installation of Multiple Cloud Paks

IBM supports installation of Cloud Pak for Integration with other Cloud Paks on the same OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) cluster. For more information, see Deploying with other IBM Cloud Paks on the same cluster.