Checking that required functions are available in the certified container

The IBM® MQ Advanced certified container does not include all the features available within IBM MQ Advanced, and you must verify that these features are not required. Other features are partially supported, and can be reconfigured to match what is available in the container.

Before you begin

This is the first step in the IBM MQ transformation guide.


  1. Verify that the target container image includes all the functions required.

    For the latest information, see Choosing how you want to use IBM MQ in containers.

  2. The IBM MQ Advanced certified container has a single IBM MQ traffic port, known as a listener. If you have multiple listeners, simplify this to using a single listener for the certified container. Because this is not a common scenario this modification is not documented in detail.
  3. If IBM MQ exits are used, migrate them into the certified container by layering in the IBM MQ exit binaries. This is an advanced migration scenario and therefore not included here. For an outline of the steps, see Building an image with custom MQSC and INI files, using the OpenShift CLI.
  4. If your IBM MQ system includes High Availability, review the available options.

What to do next

You are now ready to extract the queue manager configuration.