Registration requests

Operations Dashboard receives distributed tracing data from registered IBM Cloud Pak for Integration capabilities. When a new capability is instantiated through IBM Cloud Pak Platform UI, it must register with Operations Dashboard in order to be able to send distributed tracing data. For more information, see capability registration.

Managing registration requests

The Registration requests page lists all the registration requests received from integration capabilities and allows to approve, archive, reprocess or delete them.

Figure 1. Registration requests

Registration requests
  • Each request in the list includes the time, integration capability namespace name, integration capability pod name and the request status.

  • Registration request approval is required once per integration capability namespace. If several pods from the same namespace issued registration requests, they will all belong to the same registration request in the list. The request row can be expanded to view a list of all pods of that namespace that issued requests using the caret on the left.

  • Use the "filter by" list to choose between all requests, new requests, processed requests, archived requests and deleted requests.

Table 1. Request statuses and actions

Status Action New status Description
New Approve Processed Request is approved, credentials are created. See more information below.
New Archive Archived Request is ignored, credentials are not created.
Processed Reprocess Processed Request is reprocessed, new credentials are created. See more information below.
Processed Delete Deleted Request is deleted, credentials are deleted.
Archived Reprocess Processed Request is reprocessed, credentials are created. See more information below.
Deleted Reprocess Processed Request is reprocessed, new credentials are created. See more information below.

Executing shell commands

Once a registration request is approved or reprocessed, the Operations Dashboard administrator is displayed with shell commands they need to execute in order to create a Secret in the namespace of the integration capability. The Secret includes the credentials required to send tracing data to Operations Dashboard. The commands should be executed within a terminal that can execute kubectl commands, and the executing user must have permissions for creating a Secret in the integration capability namespace.

Reprocessing registration requests

In case a request has been reprocessed and new credentials have been created, the integration capability pods needs to be restarted after the Secret is created by the shell commands, so the newly created Secret becomes effective.