Product activation

By default, Operations Dashboard is installed with Basic entitlement. You must purchase an additional license to remove the Basic entitlement limitations. If you purchase a license for the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Operations Dashboard Add-on, you can download the activation key file from Passport Advantage® and upload using the instructions on this page.

Uploading an activation key file

Click Upgrade to upload the activation key file.

Figure 1. Basic edition

Basic edition

After uploading the key and accepting the license agreement, the page displays the following message:

Figure 2. Standard edition

Standard edition

POC mode

Operations Dashboard can be temporarily activated to remove the Basic entitlement limitations for a limited period of time, for demonstration and Proof-of-Concept (POC) installations.

In order to activate the product in POC mode:

  • Navigate to display system parameters page and enable POC mode.

  • A new page named POC activation is available under Manage. Navigate to this page.

  • Enter the name of the product owner and the email address and click Generate request. The expiry date is set automatically to 30 days from now.

  • Copy the generated request key and send it to the IBM Support team.

Figure 3. POC activation

POC activation