Configuring LDAP

When LDAP is configured, IBM Cloud Pak Platform UI users can be authenticated through an existing LDAP user registry.

Before you begin:

You must have:

  • Administrator access

  • Access to an LDAP server.

Important: If you use LDAP over SSL (LDAPS), and LDAPS cannot be configured automatically in your cluster, see Configuring LDAP for SSL for instructions on how to configure the LDAPS connection manually.


To enable LDAP configuration in Cloud Pak for Integration:

  1. Log in to the OpenShift web console.

  2. In the navigation menu, click Networking > Routes.

  3. Make sure the ibm-common-services project is selected. In the Routes list, click cp-console.

  4. On the "Route details" screen, under Location, click the link (the cp-console endpoint).

  5. On the login page, click IBM provided credentials (admin only):

  6. On the IBM Cloud Pak | Administration Hub page, click Manage identity provider.

    manage identity providers
  7. Click Create connection.

  8. On the "Add LDAP connection" page, fill out the form, then click Create. The LDAP connection is now created.

    If needed, you can select Edit or Delete from the three-dot overflow menu to update your connection.