Extracting the queue manager configuration

The majority of configuration is portable between queue managers. For example the things that applications interact with, such as definitions of queues, topics and channels. Use this task to extract the configuration from the existing IBM® MQ queue manager.

Before you begin

This task assumes that you have checked that required functions are available in the Certified Container.


  1. Log into the machine with the existing IBM MQ installation.
  2. Back up the configuration.

    Run the following command:

    dmpmqcfg -m QMGR_NAME > /tmp/backup.mqsc
    Usage notes for this command:
    • This command stores the backup in the tmp directory. You can store the backup in another location, but this scenario assumes the tmp directory for subsequent commands.
    • Replace QMGR_NAME with the queue manager name from your environment. If you are unsure of the value, run the dspmq command to view the available queue managers on the machine. Here is sample dspmq command output for a queue manager named qm1:
      QMNAME(qm1)                   STATUS(Running)
      The dspmq command requires the IBM MQ queue manager to be started, otherwise you receive the following error:
      AMQ8146E: IBM MQ queue manager not available.
      If required, start the queue manager by running the following command:
      strmqm QMGR_NAME

What to do next

You are now ready to extract and acquire the queue manager keys and certificates.