setdbparms.txt configuration

The mqsisetdbparms command is used with an IBM® App Connect Enterprise on-premises system to associate a specific user ID and password with one or more resources that are accessed by an integration server.

In a containerized environment, you do not execute commands against a running integration server, but instead need to provide configurations that are used during startup of the container. If you want to run mqsisetdbparms commands with an integration server that is deployed in a containerized environment, you need to use the setdbparms.txt configuration type. This configuration type requires a TXT file that lists one or more mqsisetdbparms commands to run, with each mqsisetdbparms command on a separate line.

You can use a single setdbparms.txt configuration object that contains multiple commands with your integration server, or multiple setdbparms.txt configuration objects.

  • If you are creating the configuration object by using the Red Hat® OpenShift® web console or CLI, you will need to run a Base64 encoder against your TXT file and use the output as the value of the parameter in the configuration custom resource. For more information, see Creating a configuration object.
  • If you are using the App Connect Dashboard, you can create the configuration object from the Configuration page or while creating the integration server, as described in Configuration types for integration servers.

For more information about this configuration type, see setdbparms.txt type.