Upgrading Gateway

This following procedures are for upgrading the DataPower Gateway in IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration. If you need information about installation, see Gateway deployment.

Upgrading DataPower Gateway involves:

  1. Updating the DataPower operator using the Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM).

  2. Updating the DataPower gateway instance by editing the DataPowerService custom resource (CR).

These two operations can be configured to happen automatically, or they can be initiated manually.

Upgrading the operator

The OLM will attempt to upgrade an operator when a new version is available to the cluster.

  • Automatic approval - If the DataPower operator subscription is set to Automatic approval, no action is required.

  • Manual approval - If the subscription is set to Manual approval, a Cluster Administrator must approve the Install Plan created by OLM to upgrade the operator.

    • You approve the InstallPlan on Operators > Installed Operators in the OpenShift console.

    • The upgrade status under the Subscription tab displays as "Upgrading" until the user reviews and approves its Install Plan.

    • After confirming approval on the Install Plan page, the subscription upgrade status changes to "Up to date".

Upgrading the instance

An upgraded DataPower Operator may support new versions of the DataPower instance.

  • Automatic upgrade - If your DataPowerService CR spec.version is set to a channel, and the operator supports a newer version in that channel, your DataPower deployment is automatically upgraded.

  • Manual upgrade - If your DataPowerService CR spec.version is set to a specific version, upgrade your DataPower deployment by updating the spec.version in the DataPowerService CR.

Users can also identify what versions are available to a given instance of DataPower by looking at the status.versions.available section of the DataPowerService CR.