Upgrading operators

You can upgrade operators by using either the UI (OpenShift web console) or CLI:

This task must be performed by a cluster administrator. For more information, see Roles and permissions.

To ensure that the operators of capabilities are within the optimal version range for this release of Cloud Pak for Integration, complete the steps under "Managing the upgrade of operators" in Managing versions and upgrades using the Platform UI. Because the procedure depends on the Platform UI, do this after the Platform UI operator and instance are upgraded.


  • When upgrading CP4I operators to 2022.2.1, the operator pod enters a CrashLoopBackOff state

    Issue: Kubernetes garbage collection may fail to remove the associated lock file. The lock file may prevent an operator pod from running after upgrade.

    Background: For a brief description of lock files, see Leader election.

    Resolution: Delete the -lock configMap associated with the operator. This releases the lock and allows the operator pod to run.

  • An upgrade of the API Connect operator to version 3.0 does not begin as expected

    Issue: When upgrading the API Connect operator to version 3.0 from API Connect 10.0.4-ifix3, upgrade does not begin within a few minutes.

    Solution: Delete the ibm-ai-wmltraining subscription.

    1. To get the name of the subscription, run:

      oc get subscription --no-headers=true | grep ibm-ai-wmltraining | awk '{print $1}'
    2. To delete the subscription, run:

      oc delete subscription <subscription-name>

      Deleting the subscription triggers the API Connect operator upgrade.