Upgrading the monitoring stack

Beginning with Cloud Pak for Integration 2020.4, monitoring relies on the OpenShift monitoring stack. If you configured monitoring in a previous version of IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration, you do not need to upgrade to continue using it.

Note: While monitoring is not required, if you wish to use monitoring with Cloud Pak for Integration and you do not already have it configured, you must configure the OpenShift monitoring stack to enable monitoring of user-defined projects.

Follow the guidance in the Red Hat OpenShift documentation:

  1. Configuring the monitoring stack, in particular, the guidance to "Creating a cluster monitoring config map".

  2. Enabling monitoring for user-defined projects, in particular, the step for "Add enableUserWorkload: true under data/config.yaml".

Note: This process adds additional hardware resources to the overall cluster.

To confirm that Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform monitoring is installed correctly:

  • Log into the IBM Cloud Pak Platform UI. Click Monitoring in the navigation panel, which opens Grafana.

Open Grafana in the monitoring panel of the IBM Cloud Pak Platform UI
  • Select the desired dashboards.

select dashboards