Ensure you have the following settings configured before using Event Endpoint Management.

Note: Before continuing with these prerequisites, ensure that Event Endpoint Management has been set up as described in configuring your instance.

Registering an Event Gateway Service

Ensure you have an Event Gateway Service configured to handle incoming requests for your event APIs. For more information, see registering the Event Gateway Service.

After an Event Gateway Service is registered, you can enable it to be used in your Catalogs. You publish APIs by adding them to a Product and then publishing the Product to a Catalog. To be able to publish Products to a Catalog, the Catalog must be assigned at least one gateway service so that the APIs in the Product are available to be called at a gateway service endpoint. For more information about publishing, see socializing your event-based APIs.

Creating a catalog and linking gateway service and portal

Ensure you create a Catalog, and assign an Event Gateway Service and link a Developer Portal site to it. APIs are made available to application developers by including them in a Product, and then publishing that Product to a Catalog.

You can set up your own catalog or use the Sandbox catalog. In both cases, ensure you also create an associated Developer Portal site where your AsyncAPI document that describes your event source will be made available to application developers. In addition, the gateway service makes APIs available to be called at a gateway service endpoint.

  • You can assign more than one gateway service to a Catalog, and they can be of mixed types, Event Gateway for asynchronous APIs, or DataPower API Gateway and DataPower Gateway (v5 compatible) for web APIs. For more information, see configuring gateway service settings for Catalogs, and use the Event Gateway Service for AsyncAPIs describing event endpoints.

  • When creating your Catalog, ensure you set up a linked Developer Portal for your Catalog, as described in configuring the Developer Portal.

Note: To be able to create catalogs and configure related gateway services and add portal sites, ensure that your instance has been configured, including the registering of the portal service, as described in configuring your instance.