Upgrading operators by using the OpenShift web console

Upgrade operators using the OpenShift web console. To upgrade using the CLI, see Upgrading operators using the CLI.

This task must be performed by a cluster administrator. For more information, see Roles and permissions.

Be sure to upgrade the operators at the appropriate step in the procedure you are following (either Upgrading from 2020.4 or Upgrading from 2021.4).

Important: Both the API Connect and DataPower channels must be changed before either operator upgrades. The upgrade of both operators begins when the channel is changed for both operators.

Upgrading between major release versions of Cloud Pak for Integration requires a change of operator channel, which is always a manual step for the user. To confirm what channel you need to change to, see Operator channel versions for this release.

To upgrade an operator channel:

  1. Log in to the OpenShift web console.

  2. Click Operators > Installed Operators.

  3. Click to expand Project and select the project in which you installed the Cloud Pak for Integration operators. For All namespaces on the cluster mode, this must be openshift-operators.

  4. If you have the Install all Cloud Pak for Integration operators operator, uninstall it, because it not used in Cloud Pak for Integration 2022.2. Click the menu icon to the right of that operator and click Uninstall Operator.

  5. Select the operator to upgrade by clicking the name of the operator.

  6. Click the Subscription tab, then click the edit option (pencil icon) under Update channel.

  7. Change the channel to the correct value for 2022.2. You can upgrade directly to the 2022.2 channels; there is no need to go through each intermediate channel. To get the available operator channel versions for this release, see Operator channel versions for this release.

  8. Click Save. The Upgrade status should change to upgrading.
  9. Click Installed Operators again. At this point, there may be two versions listed: the former version, with a status of cannot update, and the the new version, with a status of installing. This is expected. The former version will eventually be removed. The old operator has a "cannot update" status, the new operator has an "installing" status.

Once all the operators being used are upgraded, you can upgrade the capabilities.