Add resources to a team

Add a resource to a team.

You can add a resource from your product cluster. Team members have access to only those resources that are added to the team.

You must create a team before you can add a resource to a team. For more information about creating a team, see Create teams.

Required user type or access level: Cluster administrator or team administrator

Important: Make sure the LDAP connections that are associated with the team are added as a resource of the team.

Complete these steps to add resources to a team.

  1. Log on to the console.
  2. From the navigation menu, click Identity and access > Teams and service IDs.
  3. Select the team name from the list of teams.
  4. Click Resources.
  5. Click Manage resources. A list of resources that are available is displayed.
  6. Select the resources that you want to add.
  7. Click Save.

The resources are added to the team.

Note: When you add large number of resources on a ROKS cluster, the rate-limiting error might apply. If the rate-limiting error occurs, retry. Standard rate limits: 200 requests per 10 seconds and burst of 20.