Page toolbar

Many of the Operations Dashboard Web Console pages contain a toolbar with some common options.

Page toolbar options

Table 1. Page toolbar options

Icon Description
Share option Share the current page. See below for more information.
Refresh option Refresh the display.
Auto-refresh option Set the interval to automatically refresh the display.

Share page

When clicking the Share button, a panel is displayed that allows to copy the URL of the current page or to send an email that includes the current page URL and an optional comment.

Note: In order to allow Operations Dashboard to send emails, [SMTP system parameters](../../manage/smtp_system_parameters/ should be configured.

Figure 1. Share panel

Share panel

Sampling policy indication

If sampling policy is not at 100%, an indication will appear to indicate the percentage of traces that are being sampled. See sampling policy page for more information.

Figure 2. Sampling policy indication

Sampling policy indication