Uninstalling integration tracing

To uninstall Integration tracing (IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Operations Dashboard), you should delete the appropriate OperationsDashboard custom resource.

Using the IBM Cloud Pak Platform UI

  1. Click the options menu (3-line icon) in the Automation banner, and under Administration, click Integration capabilities.

  2. Click on the overflow menu (three dots) to the right of the Operations Dashboard table row you want to uninstall.

  3. Click Delete in the dropdown menu.

  4. Enter the Operations Dashboard instance name and click Delete.

Using RedHat OpenShift CLI

To delete your OperationsDashboard custom resource using the oc CLI, run:

oc delete operationsdashboard <OD_INSTANCE_NAME> -n <OD_NAMESPACE>

The values for the placeholders are as follows:

  • <OD_NAMESPACE> - The namespace where Operations Dashboard is deployed.

  • <OD_INSTANCE_NAME> - The name of the instance (CR) of Operations Dashboard you would like to uninstall. To get a list of all available instances, run:

    oc get operationsdashboard -n <OD_NAMESPACE>

For example:

oc delete operationsdashboard od-production -n integration

Deleting persistent volume claims

Deleting the Operations Dashboard custom resource will not delete the associated volumes. This allows copying the data off the volumes before deleting them, or keeping the data in case the uninstallation is done as part of an upgrade process of Operations Dashboard.

Persistent volume claims may only be deleted after all pods have successfully terminated.

After persistent volume claims (PVCs) are deleted you may no longer be able to access the volumes. Do not delete the persistent volume claims if uninstllation is part of an upgrade process of Operations Dashboard, otherwise the data of the previous installation will be lost.

Operations Dashboard uses several PVCs that are retained even after the custom resource is removed. Their names are:

  • pvc-<OD_INSTANCE_NAME>-ibm-integration-od-db

  • pvc-<OD_INSTANCE_NAME>-ibm-integration-od-shr

  • pvc-<OD_INSTANCE_NAME>-ibm-integration-od-mst-x

  • pvc-<OD_INSTANCE_NAME>-ibm-integration-od-str-x

To list the existing persistent volume claims, change <OD_NAMESPACE> in the following command to the namespace where Operations Dashboard is installed in your environment and execute it:

oc get pvc -n <OD_NAMESPACE>

To delete the persistent volume claims, change the following values in the following command and execute it (once for each PVC):

  • <PVC_NAME> - Persistent volume claim name (from the output of the previous command).

  • <OD_NAMESPACE> - The namespace where Operations Dashboard is deployed.

oc delete pvc <PVC_NAME> -n <OD_NAMESPACE>