Using templates to create instances

Using a YAML template for an instance provides a streamlined method for deploying a capability.

Getting the YAML template for a capability

Follow these steps to get a YAML template that you can use to deploy a capability.

  1. Log in to the Platform UI.

  2. In the navigation menu, click Integration instances.

  3. Click the Create an instance button.

  4. Click the tile for the capability you want to create, for example, API management.

  5. Select an environment type, for example, Development.

  6. Under the UI Form tab, edit the template as needed for your use case. You can also edit the template at a later time (any time before you apply it in the next section).

    If you do not update the value of spec.license.acceptto true (to indicate that you accept the license), the deployment will fail.

    You may also need to:

    • Update the default namespace value, if you are working in a different namespace.

    • Update the storage class of the deployments.

    • If deploying High Speed Transfer Server, enter the license key value.

  7. On the next page, click the YAML tab.

  8. Copy the template and save it as a YAML file, for example, api-management.yaml.

    You can now make additional edits to the file (if needed), then apply it on your cluster to deploy that capability.

Applying the template to create the instance using the CLI

Run the following to apply the template, where FILENAME.YAML is the filename for your saved YAML file:

oc apply -f FILENAME.YAML

The capability is now created.

Applying the template to create the instance using the OpenShift web console

  1. Log in to the OpenShift web console.

  2. In the top (banner) menu, click the plus ("+") icon

  3. In the Import YAML editor, copy the YAML template you got in the first section.

  4. Click Create to create your instance.