Determining the endpoint URL for the toolkit

Administrators can determine the correct path for users to log in with the API Connect toolkit and the API Designer application.

About this task

The API Connect topic Logging in to a management server with an OIDC registry explains how to connect to API Connect through toolkit, which includes a command-line interface (CLI) and a graphical API Designer application.

In IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration, the API Connect toolkit requires a different format for the management server connection, so that the URL indicates the management server's location within the Cloud Pak for Integration deployment. End-users cannot determine the URL on their own, so you must provide it to them.


Determine the correct endpoint URL for toolkit connections:

Run the following command:
oc -n APIC_namespace get mgmt APIC_instance-mgmt -o jsonpath="{.status.zenRoute}" && echo ""


  • APIC_namespace is the namespace where you installed API Connect
  • APIC_instance is the name of the deployed instance of API Connect
    The default APIC_instance name is apis-production-mgmt. To determine your instance name, run the following command:
    oc -n APIC_namespace get mgmt
The response looks like the following example:

What to do next

Use the endpoint URL to connect to the API Connect management server through the toolkit:
  • CLI: Log in to the command-line interface with the following command:
    apic login --server mgmt_endpoint_URL --sso --context provider|admin

    where the context is either admin (API Connect administrators) or provider (all other users).

  • API Designer app: Connect to the management server in API Designer by providing the endpoint URL as the host URL for the cloud connection. When prompted to select a user registry, select the Common Services User Registry.