Enabling OpenShift Container Platform monitoring

Monitoring in IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration can be done by using the OpenShift monitoring stack. To enable monitoring of user-defined projects, you must configure OpenShift Container Platform monitoring. To learn more about the OCP monitoring stack, see Monitoring Overview in the OpenShift documentation.

Enabling the OpenShift monitoring stack

To enable OpenShift to monitor your applications, follow these steps. When enabled, developers can run PromQL queries on application metrics in the OpenShift web console by switching to the Developer perspective and clicking Monitoring in the navigation menu.

To enable the OpenShift monitoring stack:

  1. Create the following ConfigMap, with enableUserWorkload: true:

    apiVersion: v1
    kind: ConfigMap
      name: cluster-monitoring-config
      namespace: openshift-monitoring
      config.yaml: |
        enableUserWorkload: true

This ensures that OpenShift is configured for user-defined project monitoring. For more information, see the OpenShift documentation: Enabling monitoring for user-defined projects.

Accessing monitoring from the Platform UI

  1. Log in to Platform UI.

  2. Click Integration instances to get a list of the instances you intend to monitor: Creation form yaml

  3. Click Monitoring.