What's new in API Management

Review what's new and changed in the latest version of API Management (API Connect in Cloud Pak for Integration).

Autoscaling of DataPower Gateway pods
When DataPower Gateway is deployed with API Connect, you can optionally enable autoscaling for the pods. Autoscaling enables the gateway deployment to scale dynamically, either vertically or horizontally. You can configure autoscaling by using the Advanced settings in Platform Navigator, or by editing the spec.gateway section of the API Connect Cluster CR and adding settings manually. For more information, see the "Autoscaling gateway pods" in the Gateway subsystem settings topic within the API Connect documentation.

Publicly available images are published to the cpopen registry and do not require credentials
  • The cp namespace is for the images in the IBM Entitled Registry (cp.icr.io/cp) that need an entitlement key and credentials to be pulled. The namespace must have a user who can write and create repositories, and read all repositories.
  • The cpopen namespace is for all IBM images that do not require credentials to be pulled. The cpopen namespace can store all images from the icr.io/cpopen namespace.
You can deploy the Event Endpoint Management capability with API Connect for Cloud Pak for Integration
Event Endpoint Management provides the capability to describe and catalog the APIs of Kafka event sources, and to socialize those APIs with application developers. This integration is available only with Cloud Pak for Integration deployments. For more information, see Event Endpoint Management deployment.

Additional information on changes in API Connect
Additional information on changes in API Connect