Use the procedures in this section (in the order provided below) to update IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration to version 2021.1.1. You must be a Cluster Administrator to do so.

The order for upgrade procedures has changed from the previous release. Common services must be upgraded to foundational services (the new name) first, before upgrading Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform.

Note: When upgrading capabilities and runtimes, if you plan to use the transaction tracing and troubleshooting capability (Operations Dashboard), you must upgrade it before any of the capabilities it is tracing.
Note: IBM Cloud Pak for Integration 2021.1.1 is not available for Linux on IBM Z, for which the latest supported version is 2020.4.1-eus.

Refreshing certificates

When upgrading common services, certificates are recreated. This may require you to manually refresh the existing certificates for each capability and runtime. The certificate refresh procedure is documented in the Cloud Pak for Integration - Refreshing Expired Certificates technical notice.

Procedures for upgrading