Socializing your Kafka event sources

Event Endpoint Management provides the capability to describe and catalog the APIs of Kafka event sources, and to socialize those APIs with application developers.

Consuming event-driven APIs can be described as asynchronous because your application does not need to poll or know when to request data. Instead, your application subscribes to a stream of events, and will receive events as they become available. This is different from the immediate request-response mechanism of synchronous APIs, such as REST.

Asynchronous APIs can be described by using the AsyncAPI specification, the industry standard for documenting event-driven services.

With Event Endpoint Management, you can create an AsyncAPI document that describes the API of a Kafka event source.

You can then add the AsyncAPI document to a catalog to make the API details available in a developer portal.

Application developers can discover the event source and configure their applications to subscribe to the stream of events.