IBM Entitled Registry entitlement keys

To run software from the IBM Entitled Registry, you must supply your entitlement key as a Kubernetes pull secret. If you use the secret name ibm-entitlement-key, CP4I operators will automatically use it to pull images from the IBM Entitled Registry.

Obtaining an entitlement key

Obtain an Entitlement key from IBM Container Library.

  1. Click Get an entitlement key.

  2. Copy the entitlement key presented to a safe place for use later.

  3. (Optional) Verify the validity of the key by logging in to the IBM Entitled Registry using a container tool.

    docker login --username cp --password <your entitlement key>

Adding an entitlement key to a namespace

Note: This information applies to clusters using the IBM Entitled Registry only, if you are mirroring the operators to a private registry (for example, in restricted environments), a global pull secret will be used for registry access, configured by the mirroring process.

Use standard Kubernetes tools to add a pull secret containing your entitlement key to the installation namespace of your components. You will need to create the secret in every namespace you want to install CP4I components.

  1. Create a docker registry secret using the following command:

    oc create secret docker-registry ibm-entitlement-key \
        --docker-username=cp \
        --docker-password=<entitlement-key> \ \
        --namespace=<target namespace>

    You can also use the kubectl tool instead of the oc tool to create the secret.