Asset Repository

A guide to the Asset Repository.


IBM® Cloud Pak for Integration Asset Repository is an add-on to the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration that allows the user to store, manage, retrieve and search integration assets within the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration and its capabilities.

Users of the Cloud Pak are able to utilise the Asset Repository to share Integration assets across the platform capabilities. Storing assets, e.g. JSON schemas, within this repository allows them to be accessed directly within the user interface of certain Integration capabilities. For example, an OpenAPI specification asset stored in the repository can be directly imported within the IBM API Connect user interface.

Platform Navigator

You can access the Asset Repository through the Platform Navigator at https://Ingress Proxy hostname/Ingress path (for example, https://mycluster.icp/integration). Click the menu button.

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You must meet the following dependencies before you create the Asset Repository. A Integration Specialist should carry out these tasks.

Deployment procedure

  1. Log in to the Platform Navigator at the URL which takes the following form: https://Ingress Proxy hostname/Ingress path (for example, https://mycluster.icp/integration). Click the menu button, then click Asset repository.

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  2. A dialog will appear with a summary of the required pre-deployment steps. Ensure your cluster administrator has completed these steps and provided the relevant details of any created resources for the following configuration steps. Click Continue to proceed with the deployment process.
  3. Another tab will open, displaying the helm release configuration screen. Review the README information, then click Configure.
  4. Enter a unique identifier for the Helm release name.
  5. Select the Target namespace created by your cluster administrator for use with this deployment. Using the information provided by your cluster administrator, complete the configuration of the charts by entering the necessary values into the fields. Ensure you accept the license for this chart before clicking Install.

Controlling Access

Users gain access to the Asset Repository by belonging to one or more teams, which in turn have access to the repository. Click Access Control on the Asset Repository. The access settings page appears.

Asset repo access

The administrator defines users and teams through the ICP console. See Create and manage teams for more information about adding and deleting users.