Creating an engine

The engine runs SQL queries on your data source and fetches the queried data. In, you can configure engines in four sizes (Starter, Small, Medium, and Large), based on your business requirements. For example, to fetch 2 terabytes of data, you need more worker nodes. Configuring a medium or large size would help meet your requirements.


  1. Log in to console.
  2. From the navigation menu, select Infrastructure Manager.
  3. To provision an engine, click Add component and select Create engine.
  4. In the Create engine window, provide the following details to sign up new compute to work with your data:
    Field Description
    Type Select the engine type from the list.
    Display name Enter your compute engine name.
    Configuration mode Select Quick for predefined engine sizes or Custom for customized engine configuration.
    Size Select the engine size. For all sizes, coordinator and worker nodes are storage-optimized.
    Catalogs associated (optional) Associate the available catalogs with the engine if necessary.
  5. Click Create.