DataStageĀ® on Cloud Pak for Data

Version: 4.5.3    Premium   IBM


You can use the DataStage services, DataStage Enterprise and DataStage Enterprise Plus, to design and run data flows that move and transform data. Compose your data flows with speed and accuracy using an intuitive graphical design interface that lets you connect to a wide range of data sources, integrate and transform data, and deliver it to your target system in batch or real time.

Both services provide hundreds of ready-to use, built-in business operations for your data flows. The high performance parallel runtime underneath DataStage lets you scale to meet the needs for your data volumes and data complexity.

Use DataStage Enterprise Plus to access all the capabilities that DataStage Enterprise has, but with additional useful features for data quality. These features include:

  • Cleansing data by identifying potential anomalies and metadata discrepancies.
  • Identifying duplicates by using data matching and probabilistic matching of data entities between two data sets.

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Compatible data sources

See Supported data sources for a list of data source services that are compatible.