Installing Watson Knowledge Catalog

Installing Watson Knowledge Catalog

Watson Knowledge Catalog is available in two different forms. The full version of Watson Knowledge Catalog contains all the modern and traditional capabilities of the service. The core version of Watson Knowledge Catalog features a reduced installation size and might fit your needs if you don't require the traditional capabilities of advanced curation and data quality. The core version of Watson Knowledge Catalog has the same features as the full version, except for the traditional features that are in the following list:

  • Information assets view
  • Metadata import with a bridge or connector
  • Data discovery
  • Automation rules
  • Data quality
  • Custom attribute administration
  • Lineage administration
  • Custom asset display

If you install the core version of Watson Knowledge Catalog, you can still add the traditional capabilities of the service later.

For more information about the features of Watson Knowledge Catalog, see Governing and curating data.

Installation tasks

To install the Watson Knowledge Catalog service, different tasks must be performed by different users.

Tasks and user roles
Task User role
1. Install the service OpenShift project administrator
2. Set up the default catalog Cloud Pak for Data admin user
3. Perform other post-installation tasks OpenShift cluster, OpenShift project, and Kubernetes administrators

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