Getting started with preparing data

Getting started with preparing data

To get started with preparing, transforming, and integrating data, understand the overall workflow, choose a tutorial, and check out other learning resources for working in Cloud Pak for Data.

Overview of the data preparation workflow

Your data preparation workflow has these basic steps:

  1. Create a project.

  2. Add data to your project. You can add data files from your local system, data from a remote data source that you connect to, or data from a catalog. Each of the tutorials describes a tool.

  3. Run or schedule a job to prepare your data.


Each of these tutorials provides a description of the tool, a video, the instructions, and additional learning resources:

Tutorial Description Expertise for tutorial
Refine and visualize data with Data Refinery Prepare and visualize tabular data with a graphical flow editor. Select operations to manipulate data.

Additional resources