IBM Match 360 with Watson on Cloud Pak for Data

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Version 1.1.90


IBM Match 360 with Watson on IBM Cloud Pak for Data seamlessly consolidates data from disparate sources to establish a single, trusted, 360-degree view of your customers. IBM Match 360 with Watson (IBM Match 360) includes cloud-native, machine learning-assisted, self-service analytics and matching tools that deliver business insights.

Data engineers can gather customer data from different systems across your enterprise. When they onboard new data sources, IBM Match 360 automatically generates a customizable data model so data engineers don’t need to manually map thousands of attributes. After your data is loaded into IBM Match 360, data engineers can run matching to create enriched master data entities. IBM Match 360 provides an intelligent matching algorithm that you can tune and train to deliver a trusted, unified source of customer data.

Business users and systems can access IBM Match 360 to search, view, and analyze master data entities. With IBM Match 360 on Cloud Pak for Data, you can ensure that your users and systems have a total view of your data. With a seamlessly integrated, cross-solution cloud experience, your users can discover master data directly in the space where they expect to consume it. IBM Match 360 also includes a rich set of APIs your business applications can use to get direct access to trusted master data.

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