IBM® Db2 Data Management Console on Cloud Pak for Data

Version: 4.0.8    Included   IBM


IBM Db2 Data Management Console is a tool that you can use to manage and monitor your integrated IBM Db2 databases from a single user interface. The console helps you improve your productivity by providing a simplified process for managing and maintaining your complex database ecosystem across Cloud Pak for Data. The console home page provides an overview of all of the Cloud Pak for Data integrated databases that you are monitoring. The home page includes the status of database connections and monitoring metrics that you can use to analyze and improve the performance of your databases. From the console, you can also:

  • Administer databases
  • Work with database objects and utilities
  • Develop and run SQL scripts
  • Move and load large amounts of data into databases for in-depth analysis
  • Monitor the performance of your Cloud Pak for Data integrated Db2 databases

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Integrated services

Table 1. Related services
Service Capability
Big SQL Query object store and HDFS data.
Db2® Work with a relational database that delivers advanced data management and analytics capabilities for transactional workloads.
Db2 Warehouse Get in-memory processing and integrated database analytics with this high-performing analytics engine.
Data Virtualization Integrate data sources across multiple types and locations into one logical data view.

Compatible data sources

See Supported data sources for a list of data source services that are compatible.