Db2 Data Gate on Cloud Pak for Data

Version: 2.0.8    Included   IBM


The IBM Db2 for z/OS Data Gate service extracts, loads, and synchronizes your mission-critical data from Db2 for z/OS to Cloud Pak for Data for quick access by your new, high volume, read-only transactional and analytic applications.

The service propagates your data from a Db2 for z/OS source on IBM Z to a target database on Cloud Pak for Data. You can choose your target database based on your business need. For example, you might set up Db2 as your target database for your new high-intensity transactional workloads, such as mobile banking applications. Or, you might set up Db2 Warehouse as your target database for your analytic or AI workloads.

An architectural diagram to help visualize the relationship between Db2 for z/OS, Data Gate, and the Db2 and Db2 Warehouse databases on Cloud Pak for Data

The Db2 Data Gate service uses an integrated data synchronization protocol to ensure that your data is current, consistent, and secure. The fully zIIP-enabled synchronization protocol is lightweight, high throughput, and low latency. It enables near real-time access to your data without degrading the performance of your core transaction engine.

Compared to any custom-built solution, the Db2 Data Gate service reduces the cost and complexity of your application development. By using this service to synchronize and access your enterprise data on Cloud Pak for Data, a cloud-native solution, you can reduce your operational cost while accelerating your journey to the cloud and AI.

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Integrated services

Table 1. Prerequisite services
Service Capability
Db2® Work with a relational database that delivers advanced data management and analytics capabilities for transactional workloads.
Db2 Warehouse Get in-memory processing and integrated database analytics with this high-performing analytics engine.