Importing a project with deprecated Git integration (Watson Studio)

If you created a project with deprecated Git integration, you can create a project that is preloaded with files from a Git repository. The assets in the repository must be assets that were exported (synched) to the Git repository from a project in IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

You can:

Note that if the imported project contains notebooks, you can only work with those notebooks in the notebook editor, even if the notebooks were created in JupyterLab. You cannot use the JupyterLab IDE in the project.

You might have to change the environment definition associated with notebooks originally created in JupyterLab before you can open them in the notebook editor. See Kernel not found when opening a notebook imported from a Git repository.

If you notice that notebooks or Python scripts are missing in the project import, they might not have been included in the original project export. Verify that the person who synchronized assets between the repository and your project explicitly selected those assets, and added them to the project export.

Important: After the project import is completed, you should always view the project import summary to check that all the assets were successfully imported.

The status of a project import is also tracked on the project's Overview page. Check for a readme file on the Assets page of the project for information about the analytics use case of the added assets and the applied data analysis methods. Imported notebook jobs will always run on the latest available version of the notebook.

Before you begin working with the imported assets in your new project, you should check for missing credentials, for example in notebooks and data connections, to enable successful relinking between project assets.

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