Catalog assets (Watson Knowledge Catalog)

An asset in a catalog contains information about data or data analysis.

There's no limit to the number of assets in a catalog.

The information about assets that is stored in a catalog includes:

If data protection rules are enforced for the catalog, they can block specific catalog members from viewing or using the asset. You can also decide to mask data in asset columns depending on their contents. In this case users can view an asset but not all data is revealed to them. A lock icon a lock icon next to the column name indicates that the data in the column is masked by a data protection rule.

Types of assets

You can add assets from these types of sources to a catalog:

Asset properties

All asset types have a common set of properties. Some asset types have additional properties. See Adding assets to a catalog.

When you add an asset to a catalog or edit an existing asset, you specify these common properties:

Asset access

You can control access to an asset on the Access page with the privacy level and asset membership:

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