Accessing data

With IBM® Cloud Pak for Data, you can connect to the different data sources in your enterprise so that everyone can find the data that they need quickly and easily.

Services and Common core services Many of the features mentioned in this topic rely on services or the Cloud Pak for Data common core services. If you can't find the features mentioned, the required services aren't installed.

Connect to data sources

You can create a connection to a data source from the Cloud Pak for Data web client. The steps you follow depend on how the connection will be used:
You need to create a connection that can be used by various services
See Connecting to data sources.
If you are a data scientist, and you need to add data sets or data sources (connections) to your analytics project
See Adding data to an analytics project.

If you need to create a connection to an unsupported data source, contact your administrator to Import JDBC drivers.

Virtualize data

If you need to consolidate data that is available in multiple data sets into a single table, you can virtualize the data by joining the tables. For more information, see Virtualizing data.

Search for data

You can search for the data that you need either from the toolbar, or from the catalog. See Searching for data and assets across projects and catalogs.