Services outside the catalog

Some services that can be installed on IBM® Cloud Pak for Data are not listed in the catalog. These services might be made available on a separate cycle from Cloud Pak for Data.

Note: If a service is added to the catalog in the Cloud Pak for Data web client, the information about the service will move to the Services in the catalog section.
Service Category Provided by Pricing Learn more
Anaconda Repository with IBM Developer tools Third party Separately priced Control and administer the repository of software packages that data scientists use in Jupyter notebooks.

Anaconda Repository with IBM

Edge Analytics Analytics IBM Included with Cloud Pak for Data Get faster insights and response times by bringing your enterprise applications to your IoT devices and local edge servers.

Edge Analytics

Guardium® External S-TAP® Data governance IBM Included with Cloud Pak for Data Compliance monitoring and data security for integrated databases on Cloud Pak for Data.

Guardium External S-TAP

Informix® Data sources IBM Separately priced A database that integrates TimeSeries, Spatial, NoSQL, and SQL data together with easy access via MQTT, REST, and MongoDB APIs.


Master Data Connect Data governance IBM Included with Cloud Pak for Data Provide business applications with fast, scalable, and concurrent access to your organization's trusted master data.

Master Data Connect

Open Data for Industries Industry solutions IBM Separately priced Collect, describe, and provide your data according to Oil & Gas industry standards.

Open Data for Industries

OpenPages® Industry solutions IBM Separately priced

Identify, manage, monitor, and report on risk and compliance initiatives that span your enterprise.


Watson™ Assistant for Voice Interaction AI IBM Separately priced A bundle of services that deliver a Watson-based voice automation system.

Watson Assistant for Voice Interaction

Watson Machine Learning Accelerator AI IBM Included with Cloud Pak for Data A platform that delivers accelerated deep learning for data scientists.

Watson Machine Learning Accelerator