Modeling and reporting patterns in data with Planning Analytics

With the IBM® Planning Analytics service, you can identify and understand patterns and relationships in your business data.

Service This service is not available by default. An administrator must install this service on the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform, and you must be given access to the service. To determine whether the service is installed, open the Services catalog and check whether the service is enabled.

Within the Planning Analytics service, Planning Analytics Workspace is a web-based interface that provides full modeling, reporting, planning, and administrative capabilities.

Planning Analytics Workspace

In addition to Planning Analytics Workspace, the Planning Analytics service provides access to these additional Planning Analytics components.

  • Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel is an Excel-based tool that you can use to build sophisticated reports in a familiar spreadsheet environment.
  • Planning Analytics TM1 Web is as a web-based client that extends the analytical power of Planning Analytics.With TM1 Web you can view, analyze, edit, and chart your IBM TM1 data in a web browser. Administrators can also use TM1 Web to perform some administration tasks specific to TM1 Web.

Open the Planning Analytics service

To open Planning Analytics from Cloud Pak for Data, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to your My Instances page and find the Planning Analytics instance in the list. The instance appears only if your administrator deployed the service and granted you access to it.
  2. From the action menu for the instance, click Open. Planning Analytics opens in a separate browser tab for you to use.

Detailed documentation for IBM Planning Analytics

The full set of documentation for using IBM Planning Analytics is available on the IBM Planning Analytics Knowledge Center.

Planning Analytics components not supported in Cloud Pak for Data

These Planning Analytics components are not supported in IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

  • Cognos® Command Center
  • Cognos Insight®
  • Cognos Integration Server
  • Performance Modeler
  • TM1® Applications
  • TM1 Architect
  • TM1 Operations Console
  • TM1 Perspectives
  • Command line utilities, such as TM1RunTI and TM1Crypt.exe

Planning Analytics features not supported in Cloud Pak for Data

These Planning Analytics features, listed by component, are not supported in IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel
Formula mode reports
TM1 Server
ODBC data sources
ExecuteJavaN TurboIntegrator function
ExecuteJavaS TurboIntegrator function
ExecuteCommand TurboIntegrator function
TM1 as a data source in Cognos Analytics