Analyzing and visualizing data with Cognos Analytics

With the IBM Cognos® Analytics service, you can easily create compelling visualizations and dashboards without needing a data science background.

Service This service is not available by default. An administrator must install this service on the IBM® Cloud Pak for Data platform, and you must be given access to the service. To determine whether the service is installed, open the Services catalog and check whether the service is enabled.

With the Cognos Analytics service in IBM Cloud Pak for Data, line-of-business users can unearth hidden insights with a personalized analytics experience that is driven by AI. IBM Cognos Analytics is a proven, self-service, dependable analytics solution that provides scalability and analytics governance.

AI Assistant and Details pane in Explore
Cognos Analytics includes an AI Assistant (left), and a Details pane (right), to help interpret the chart that you are viewing. The Assistant supports natural language exploration, while the Details pane provides system-generated plain-language information to augment the chart.
Relationship diagram and suggested starting points in Explore
The Explore feature reduces the guesswork that is associated with data exploration by finding the strongest relationships in your data. The relationships are displayed in the relationship diagram, and suggested starting points are offered for more data exploration.

Open the Cognos Analytics service

To open Cognos Analytics from Cloud Pak for Data, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to your My Instances page and find the Cognos Analytics instance in the list. The instance appears only if your administrator deployed the service and granted you access to it.
  2. From the action menu for the instance, click Open. Cognos Analytics opens in a separate browser tab for you to use.

Supported features

The following features are supported in IBM Cognos Analytics in Cloud Pak for Data.

  • Dynamic Query - JDBC
    • Virtualized data from the Data Virtualization service
    • IBM Db2 data sources on your Cloud Pak for Data instance.
  • Data modules
  • Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Stories
  • Explorations
  • Authentication source - Cloud Pak for Data authentication service

Detailed documentation for IBM Cognos Analytics

The full set of documentation for using IBM Cognos Analytics is available in the IBM Cognos Analytics Knowledge Center.